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“I love the rural nature of the Maitahi Valley so close to central Nelson.”

Susan MacAskill

“I really value having a quiet space, at the moment the spaces between the car noises are filled with birdsong but with increased cars you can’t hear anything but.”

Sophie Bisdee

“Running, walking, cycling, swimming. Some picnic, some just sit quietly in the shade or the sun. For many it is a place of renewal and peace. For me, as a landscape painter, this steep winding river valley with its constantly changing light is an endless inspiration. Every day that I walk it with Indy I find something new and wonderful.”

Ross Whitlock

“I am very concerned that I will be amongst the last generation to enjoy the open spaces, peace and tranquility and beautiful natural landscapes of the Maitai Valley if the construction of many hundreds of houses goes ahead. I am deeply concerned about the impacts on the Maitai Valley and river. While more housing is needed there are many other options available in our area as identified in Council documents. I am the child of a single parent and of course we want affordable housing for us and others, but not this option which will wipe out one of the true highlights of our city.” 

Sophie Weenink

“Nelson describes itself as “the smart little city.” So let’s BE smart! Let’s not follow Auckland’s disastrous model of urban sprawl. Let’s protect this much-loved rural paradise on the city’s doorstep that contributes so much to the uniquely wonderful quality of life here.”

Monica Pausina

 “I love Nelson because there’s a gorgeous bit of rural recreational land close to the city. I spend each summer chucking myself into local swimming holes most evenings before tea. The river is my solace and my salvation, my chill-out zone, my happy place.”

Grant Smithies

“The Maitai is my turangawaewae. I have swum in the river for 70 years and love walking Tino the dog along the pathways. It should remain a recreational playground for the people of Whakatu-Nelson. A subdivision would be a travesty.”

Colleen Marshall

“Where else are people able to enjoy an unspoiled river valley so close to a busy little city? The Maitai is Nelson’s treasure” 

Maurice Gee

“We must protect this special, beautiful valley for future generations.”

Mark Hadlow

I grew up running, biking, swimming, picnicking and playing barefoot for hours in the Maitai. You can’t put a price on those childhood experiences. It’s exactly these sorts of simple joys that make us the envy of the world.

Rod Dixon

When you climb the hills around Nelson, you see development in the valleys of Ngawhatu, York, the Brook, Todds and Marsden – they’ve already got housing. Can we not save this one last beautiful and treasured valley for recreation?”

Annette Milligan
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