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Six ways to take action

We’re building a grassroots movement to protect the Maitai Valley for present and future generations.
Here are six ways you can take action to protect this taonga.


Your donation will fund posters, resources, and legal advice, and will ultimately help protect the Maitai.
Please also visit our page of ‘Supporters‘.

Write to the Councillors

Urge council via email to show leadership in protecting and preserving the Maitai Valley for current and future generations.

Sign the Petition

Over 12,000 have signed to oppose the development of a sprawling suburb in the Maitai Valley. Have your say!

Join the Team

Get involved in events, research, communications, writing, planning, fundraising, organising. We would love you to join us.

Sponsor a Sign

Spread the message by sponsoring a sign to be placed at a prominent site. You can do this by emailing us.

Word of Mouth

Use word of mouth, inform others & share the link to this website.

Save the Maitai - Sign the Petition Today

Together we can protect the natural beauty of the Maitai Valley for current and future generations.

Petition Wording:
We request that the Nelson City Council, does not accept or approve any private or public action that will lead to or result in the rezoning of rural land in The Kaka Valley, (adjacent to the Maitai Valley) as residential land.

Petition signatures since July 2020 ....*

* We are so heartened by the great response to the petition. The developers have been trying to discredit the #savethemaitai campaign with misleading information about where supporters come from. 91% (ninety-one per cent) of the almost 4,000 signatories to the ‘paper’ petition live in Nelson.

The ‘digital’ petition at (currently over 8,800 signatures) doesn’t accurately record where someone lives. The geolocation of signatories can often depend on that individual’s ISP or can relate to a previous address.

The petition has huge support from a broad range of people, including thousands of people right here in Nelson, as well as visitors who love to spend time in the Maitai when they’re in Nelson, all of which indicates that this is not only of local interest, but of importance to a much wider group of people.

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