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Maitai Regional Park

Park ideas from the Public


The threat posed to the Maitai Valley by the possible development of 842 houses gives urgency to the need to protect the valley for current and future generations. The surest way to achieve this aim is to establish a regional park throughout much of the Maitai Valley, including the areas earmarked for housing subdivisions (currently Kaka Valley and Orchard Flats).

Imagine a regional park right next to our CBD, extending from the current urban/rural divide (i.e., the turnoff from Nile Street onto Maitai Valley Road) and encompass the Centre of NZ,  Botanical Reserve and sports field, Branford Park, Hanby Park, Hanby Trails, Black Hole, Dennes Hole, Maitai Cricket Ground, Kaka Valley, Waahi Taakaro Reserve, Orchard Flats, Waahi Taakaro Golf Course, Sharlands Creek Mountain Bike Park, and the Maitai Valley Motor Camp.

Benefits of the park

  • Improve biodiversity and conservation
  • Improve the health of the Maitai River
  • Support the mental and physical health of users of the park
  • Compliment the work of existing groups such as Friends of the Maitai and Project Maitai
  • Link existing recreation areas such as Centre of NZ and Branford Park
  • Secure the area for future generations
  • Establish a green corridor along the Maitai River
  • Provide a Tourism drawcard –  an iconic and marketable feature of the region

Enjoyment of the park

The park would also ensure the following activities could continue to be enjoyed by all Nelsonians without the threat of suburban sprawl and resulting traffic, noise, pollution, urban infrastructure, and loss of scenic value:

  • Swimming
  • Mountain bike trails and jump track
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Picnicking
  • Dog walking
  • Sport events (e.g. school cross-country, duathlons, orienteering)
  • Socialising
  • Sightseeing/scenery
  • Photography
  • School trips
  • Festivals
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