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Serena Buonaguidi-Haynes – Original Painting ‘LILY, MY LILY’


Thank you to Serena Buonaguidi-Haynes, who came to the public meeting in May and decided to donate the sale of her beautiful painting ‘Lily, my Lily’ to the campaign. Serena’s works can be seen at the Parker Gallery, Achilles Ave, Nelson. Thanks also to gallery owner Leonie Allen

“Supporting an artist always goes deeper than just representing their artwork. It’s also about supporting them outside of the gallery. We partnered with Serena Buonaguidi-Haynes to support the protection of Nelson’s Maitai Valley. To do this we donated 100% of the sale price of her original painting, ‘Lily, My Lily’ to the ‘Save the Maitai’ fund. 

Serena was born in London to Danish/Italian parents. She studied painting and sculpture at Art college, where she started casting faces and taught herself basic prosthetics. Going on to become a successful makeup artist, working in television and advertising.

However, she was drawn back to painting. Serena works with her hands, donning latex gloves she makes large bold brush strokes for the background. She wipes off paint with a cloth and uses her fingers to paint the figures, she then uses pencil and wire to scratch in the finer detail. She lays her pieces on the floor and walks around them as she works.

Serena moved to Nelson in 2010. Her inspiration to paint deer and birds came from moving from the city to an amazing lifestyle block and being surrounded by wildlife. The paintings are often perceived as other worldly, embracing the mythical aesthetic, appearing ethereal, fragile and dream-like. The surface of some of her work catches the light, giving a sense of depth, like a glassy surface of water to submerge yourself in.

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